Gemini Woman

May 21 - June 20


Gemini Woman

Her basic personality traits are the same as man’s. To examine things thoroughly often means to to remain in place, to settle and reduce the desire for open air and exuberance. A Gemini woman would like to make decisions by her intellect, but it is often beaten by the voice of the heart. A woman born under the sign of Gemini is objective, open and impartial. It is a great companion, mate and colleague at work. She smiles, even though there is no obvious reason.

Personality Traits

In her youth, it is usually a fickle and capricious girl who likes having the fun. At a later age, it is a clever and creative woman who usually do not find the stereotyped role of a housewife very attractive.

Men should beware of emotional gymnastics which such an energetic woman is able to perform. If you encounter a typical example, then she is the one who wants to be happily in love, but keep failing for some reason again and again. The Gemini woman forgets quite quickly, therefore it is better to stay in close contact with her. And if you find that she is not able to be attached to one person in the long term, show your compassion instead of anger. It is her natural personality trait and not just a whim.

The Gemini women do not want to live a monotonous life. They will not take a train, when they can fly a plane. They do not watch TV at home, when they can go to the cinema or theatre. They like the change, which has its undeniable positives. Such a woman will not blame you for looking for a new job or wanting to move elsewhere. Moodiness and restlessness is apparent among her personality traits.

The Gemini woman can beautify your home beyond recognition. Extravagant combinations are natural to her. She can estimate better than anybody else where are the boundaries between engaging eccentricity and ordinary kitsch. The Gemini woman may not be a partner for an easy life, but surely you will experience countless moments of excitement with her.

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