Gemini Personality Description

May 21 - June 20


Talkative person

Gemini often can not see the wood for the trees – they find so many things engaging, interesting and remarkable that they know something about everything, but nothing enough together. Their interests are so extensively branched that the profound approach to the subject is often not possible. You can describe his / her personality as distracted and talkative.

If there is something that drives Gemini, then it is his or her wish to be informed about everything. He or she had many tips and hints in the pocket, can join in the conversation anywhere and is articulate, knowledgeable and witty. People around are amazed how Gemini can clearly argue and how brightly they are able to analyse. Intelligence and eloquence definitely belong to their personality description.

Love and emotions

Gemini are born interpreters. Working with the language is deeply satisfying for them. Less happy they are when it comes to feelings, because they often muddy the clarity of their ideas.

Imagine a man and a woman in the evening on a park bench. The woman is dreamily gazing at the horizon, fully immersed in their feelings and moods. What would a Gemini man do in this situation? We hear him talking about how beautiful are the colours of the dusk, how warm is the air, and that such impressive sunsets occur only when ... and when ...

Gemini are simply afraid of emotion and sentiment. The intellect of Gemini is permanently dealing with something. Their attention quickly pulse (what is a very important truth when we are focusing on personality). Although it can be attracted by only shallow problems, but at least such Gemini is fully focused for a moment. Thus, the otherwise balanced, friendly and cheerful Gemini can be described as an inherently ambivalent being – and that is the core of the Gemini’s personality description.

Moods and intellect

His of her desire for an activity has much to do with the fact that there exists many natural emotional needs, which they fear. Therefore, their exactly working intellect does not usually notice that it is fundamentally dependent on moods, what is by the way also not easily understandable for the neighbours, family and friends.

This intense intellectual orientation (thoughtful and dreaming personality) means that Gemini is from time to time a bit separated from his / her friends and tends to ignore them. Gemini’s mind is focused on all understandable, logical, but also on the unrestrained world of fantasy. Gemini have a great fear of the irrational world of feelings, loss of control and the fact that they might look untidy or careless.

Free nature

Gemini do not like strong principles and firmly planned paths. He or she would like to try everything – if possible without having to attach for long. Flexibility and sometimes clever tactics are among personal strengths of Gemini with which they can quietly bypass many problems.

Rarely you will see a Gemini inviting others for a fight intentionally. They are sometimes impulsive and provocative. But aggressiveness simply does not suit well to their personality description.

Also in his / her love life you can see a tendency to remain free. A flirt quite match the taste of Gemini. When the final choice is near you will hardly find another zodiac sign so indecisive and reserved as Gemini. After all, his or her reason says, that there is always something “pro” and something “contra”.

The most beautiful love letters you will receive from Gemini. But who wants to be happy in a couple, must also constantly talk all matters, feelings and impressions with him or her.

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