Gemini Man

May 21 - June 20


Gemini Man

The characteristic way how Gemini men perceive the world is the tendency to gain the knowledge a priori, that means independently of practical experience. A practical experience is to embark on something, to enter on. However, Gemini men love their thoughts like painted on an easel or drawing board. Instead of the thorough planing they are only freely crossing over and being careful not to be captured. Gemini men are hardly able to admit their mistakes.

Personality Traits

They are usually cheerful and unpredictable. Such a Gemini man will leave on Monday to buy rolls for breakfast and will not return until Friday night, equipped with a series of incredible stories that all happened during that time.

A typical Gemini man will not seek the tranquillity and harmony behind the walls of a monastery. He is pride on the wide range of interests and hobbies and you will be amazed how active such a man really is. And his personality traits? Spirited, impenetrable and therefore mysterious – this is a Gemini man! If you want to accompany him longer, you have to be able to inspire and to boldly change along with him.

Men born under this zodiac sign sometimes hide their true intentions. Rather than telling you frankly that they love you they will keep own feelings as a secret. As you surely know, Gemini is the symbol of twins, and therefore such a man often do not even know which feelings to believe. The duality is deeply rooted in their personality and projects automatically into all views and convictions. Gemini man feels that he can not be indifferent to all women just because he wears a wedding ring on the hand. He could drink one brand of whiskey, but why would he impoverish his life when there is a beauty in diversity.

Gemini men are rarely sentimental. They usually do not stick to old friends, places and memories. They do not judge others sharply. Gemini man is a good example of the principle that the truth may not be absolute, but rather a matter of agreement, depending on the circumstances.

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