Gemini Characteristics

May 21 - June 20



Air element

Gemini have a brilliant sense of humor and diplomacy. They are responsive and receptive. The key element of people born under the sign of Gemini is the air and their planet is Mercury. The air suggests that they do not stand often with both feet on the ground. And if you imagine the god Mercury with his winged shoes, it will be immediately clear that instability and variability is the essential characteristic of Gemini.

In the most typical cases you can even perceive a certain nervous energy that surrounds these people. The clearest example is Johnny Depp in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. This role is of course a bit exaggerated, but the important thing is that unpredictability, emotionality, eloquence and restlessness is not only brilliantly played by Johnny Depp, but that it is natural in some way to him. The reason and secret why he so perfectly portray such features is, that he is a genuine Gemini.


The twins, which are in the emblem of Gemini, aptly symbolizes this zodiac sign. It is a reminiscence of a certain ambiguity, which may sometimes cause the feeling close to schizophrenia. Actually, the variable Gemini character can very well mix the reality and dream, the fact and illusion – all that they consider to be real. It belongs to their characteristic nature that they blend together what they dream of and what they want.

Easy change

They can talk eagerly about a certain idea or plan and the next day pretend as if nothing like that happened. Gemini can seamlessly change everything from the hair style, dress and belief to the work or love. To get used to a significant change in life is therefore much easier for them than for all other zodiac signs.

Communication talent

Thanks to the communication talent Gemini can usually find employment in advertising or media (as an advertising expert, journalist …), in public relation (as spokesman), or even in politics. Gemini speak quickly and skilfully, so they can be very persuasive. They often have difficulty to settle down in one place or in one philosophy. To load the routine work on their shoulders is of course possible, but it makes them feel that someone is trying to clip their wings of freedom a bit. The worse Gemini tolerate the stereotype, the more they can be friendly and eager for entertainment and news. The brilliant ability of conversation is usually one of the characteristics features.

Two things at once

The typical Gemini is a latecomer because something interesting always diverts his or her attention, when they are on the way. They know that they are a bit unreliable, so they naturally like to leave the back door open (to have an excuse or alibi at hand). Gemini are entertaining friends, having no problem doing at least two things at once. Certainly they can simultaneously handle a call, making lunch and even check the lottery numbers at the same time. However, do not await much patience from such “action hero”. Maybe when the Gemini gets older, only than can such birdie find out, that the life needs some solid foundations (lets say “a proper nest”).

Geminis usually do not gather belongings. It would tie their legs and hands, when they want to be free. Money, fame, love, power – nothing is not enough for them. The grass is always greener on the other side of the road. Gladly they replace old things with new and unproven ones, although they may regret such experiments later on. The interesting inspiration for Gemini can be the Magician tarot card, because it shares many common features with their essential characteristic.

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