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Do you know how you will recognize the genuine love of Gemini and Scorpio? The love will be full of understanding but spiced with large portion of humour. Imagine for example: you would like to open the bottle of an old and precious red wine, but unfortunately you break the cork in the bottle neck. That is the kind of situation when true character will show up. If Scorpio, otherwise very sarcastic and hot-tempered, will look at you and say: “it does not matter at all”, that is a sign of very good compatibility with you. Although the swearing Scorpio may be funny, such accident would indicate that there is much more sand in the gears than one would expect for the long-term relationship with Gemini.

Other test of love may be a dinner in French restaurant. Why? Just because tolerance between Gemini and Scorpio is of the highest importance. Would you like to order a typical dish, snails (escargot) or frog legs? Surprisingly, your boyfriend or girlfriend is upset and disgusted from such extravagant choice (“I will not kiss you, at least for a month, if you will take this awful thing in your mouth”). Really, love is at stake in such situation. Either you should look for the closest emergency exit to escape immediately or you may boldly show your courage and confidence. To sit humbly and say nothing is not simply possible.

Despite different attitudes and methods how to solve problems, Gemini and Scorpio show large amount of compatibility in love, just because of their complementary characters.


Are you interested in sexual appetite of Gemini man and Scorpio woman? Well, you should know that sex is sometimes a very dangerous activity for them. Oh dear, how is it possible? Scorpio and Gemini simply like extraordinary locations and positions. The book of tantra is like the basic first class schoolbook. To achieve the university degree in sex, it demands practicing everything from the most secret dreams to the wildest fantasies. You see that breaking a leg or twisting an ankle may not be rare in this case.  

In matters of sex Gemini woman and Scorpio man often form together a very passionate couple. But this delightful activity resembles more the scientific work than the wild rodeo. But to understand this metaphor correctly, please do not think of sex as a sterile and boring research in some spotless laboratory. Men and women born under these zodiac signs show huge interest and devotion in exploring the dark corners and unknown places in the map of their sexuality. Empathy and necessary invention is accompanying the process of examining the bodily pleasures as well as approaching and melting of the unique spiritual energy. For Scorpio and Gemini sex is one from the important keys to understand each other.

Gemini and Scorpio Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


A worm needs sweet apple or pear to have the comfortable life, and similarly Gemini and Scorpio may find the same source of casual mundane support as well as divine blessing in marriage. Of course, the comparison is a bit awkward (humans are not worms), but it is apt, because marriage is a kind of the very fruitful environment, as apple or pear surely are.

One other inspiring comparison for the marriage of Scorpio and Gemini may be the swimming duck. The ability to float on the water surface is essential for this animal. But frankly, the duck is well equipped for this activity (special feathers, webbed feet ...) – it can swim and dive for short periods of time. Men and women born under these zodiac signs can stay on the dry land (meaning unmarried), but to fully use the life potential Gemini and Scorpio should sometimes give up the firm ground and set out on the “floating” adventurous journey of marriage. Both are compatible and equipped by nature for enjoying the common life.


It is wise to make at least one phone call before your first date. If Scorpio and Gemini know each other only briefly (an acquaintance from online dating with few photos and one short chat), they in fact do not know each other at all! To hear the tone of the man’s voice and the tempo or emphasis of the woman’s speech, that all is necessary to at least predict the forthcoming "chemistry". The advice is following: Do not dream excessively and try to know the other personally as soon as possible

The compatibility in dating offers wide space for putting many different methods and scenarios into practice. Gemini as well as Scorpio should decide what is the primary goal of the dating – is it the desire to seduce the other? Is it the wish to confirm your own social status or self-esteem? Is the plain curiosity or the need to meet others and explore their views, standpoints or spiritual horizons?

It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. In the case of the Gemini / Scorpio combination, that is often fragile and explosive, it is good to have clear idea about your dating expectations.

Break up

Sometimes the man and the woman discover that despite all the promises of sufficient compatibility their relationship resembles only a sad theatre play, where is no place for sincerity or genuine feelings (what is left? ... only to pretend expected social roles as true actors do). That is the point where usually the breakup comes.

There is no universal advice how to overcome this difficult period, how to ease the breakup. But generally: Scorpio should concentrate on balancing and fighting down the anger, because otherwise the irritation will blur completely his or her sight (even sweet chestnut is always better warm and not completely burned by the uncontrolled heat). Gemini, on the other hand, should obey higher principles when dealing with the breakup. Even the participants of a scout camp must follow the leader – what says your heart is always important, but you have to listen to the ultimate reason as well.


Keep in mind, that the friendship of Gemini and Scorpio is not only the outcome of some momentary fancy. It is often a solid relationship, the real bond that can attach two people for the lifetime.

Sweet cherries need to bloom, grow and mature first – identically, the growth of this special friendship is also the complex and remarkable procedure. But the result is often sweet, beautiful and "tasty". Give the two enough time and the sweet fruits will appear.  

The summary is: Both zodiac signs are compatible in friendship. The last comparison: If you want to maintain your computer save, you should use only original and licensed software. And if you want to enjoy the friendship, both friends should concentrate on the high ideals and spiritual growth – Scorpio, as well as Gemini, are romantic souls rather than ordinary pragmatic traders.

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