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Compatibility in Love and Friendship

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The love of Gemini and Libra represents a very original match. Both zodiac signs seem to be perfectly compatible and predestined to each other.

People do not use the fax machine any more, because it is outdated, but the love of men and women born under Gemini and Libra is eternal and has the ability to last through many centuries. The compatibility of both zodiac signs in love reminds the combination of the oil colours and the canvas – they make a solid union together, the durable painting, sometimes even the genuine masterpiece.

The Gemini woman falling in love with the Libra man: it is like the sweet and gentle bite, the first gulp of the heavy red wine from Spain or Chile, where the first taste is heavy and the immediate feeling a bit dizzy. The Gemini man falling in love with the Libra woman: this couple resembles the short summer rainstorm – you can not swim in it, nor can you properly walk in it. You have to simply enjoy it – to stop and stand still for a while and welcome the “love” of the heaven with open arms.


It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In contrast to this relative view you can place the sexual magnetism of Gemini and Libra. There are things that occur repeatedly and measurably again and again, and you can rely on them. Like a sprout turning into a bloom every year, men and women born under Libra and Gemini tend to touch each other and to sexually “merge” in one joint body. The outcome, of course, is the sexual pleasure and inner harmony. Yet, the delight vanishes as well as the autumn replaces the beauty and the richness of the summer. Gemini and Libra have to survive the winter of separation and look forward to the new sexual outburst of the spring. In other words, Gemini and Libra are perfectly compatible in bed.

Gemini and Libra Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


To comb fondly the hair of someone else is the question of a sensible approach and dexterity, and to have a happy marriage of Libra and Gemini is above all the question of the sufficient assertiveness combined with patience and tender love. The prospects of the marriage are perfect. The man and the woman are often 100% compatible as two supplemental pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.


The laws of arithmetic are good in the realm of mathematics, but there is no use of them in the dating of Gemini and Libra. Both zodiac signs behave mostly intuitively and the soft invisible vibrations may be more important during the dating than the stone cold logic. Nevertheless, the Libra woman is pragmatic and, of course, the financial potential of the man is also one from her interests. But it is not her primary concern. On the other hand, the Gemini man resembles the street artist, the cartoonist, during the dating. He is able to capture the most important shapes of the reality, but he explores and enjoys the great potential of freedom at the same time. Both zodiac signs are compatible in dating to the large extent. They know the secret how to entertain and understand each other.

Break up

One way or another, the breakup of Libra and Gemini is a discovery of the fact, that things and relationships are not possessed by us, but that they are only temporarily “borrowed”. You can easily change the sweated shirt, but you should not switch your partner quickly and freely. The breakup of both zodiac signs is usually a kind of a withdrawal of two disappointed souls, not a final combat of two rivals. The breakup of Libra and Gemini activates new sources of energy. It literally opens new doors in the mind of both. Men and women should not regret the breakup, but take it as an opportunity to move forward.


The compatibility in friendship between Gemini and Libra is immense. Men and women born under these zodiac signs want to pump all the water from the underground reservoir (the pool of unconscious energy) and irrigate the vineyard where the grapes of the mutual understanding grow. Libra and Gemini are often flying in the sky (daydreaming), still they can precisely point at the terrestrial targets (chose the best buy after the Christmas, get the NBA finals ticket, build a tent on a solid rock …) The friendship is lasting and usually not very complicated. Gemini and Libra, as the couple of friends, are well prepared to test the dark side, one of the other. Both share the same “airy” essence, that is the base for their mutual compatibility in friendship. And this principle helps them as a mirror, to understand the same own errors.

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