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If you think about love, it may well be compared to a suit or dress. Clothing should perfectly fit to your body, it can impress others and above all it can give you the unique feeling of harmony with your deep feelings (to emanate internal energy and emotions). Nevertheless, the love compatibility of Gemini and Cancer resembles the unique custom dress, not an ordinary product of uniform mass clothing industry.

Are you man or woman born under the sign of Cancer or Gemini? Than be prepared to find love in very unexpected situations or rare places. Are you crawling underneath the broken car desperately trying to fix it? Maybe a helpful hand will appear and you will realize that it is charming more than you would expect. Are you examining a flying saucer in Nevada museum? A handsome guide will mesmerize you with sparkling eyes and probably you will fall in love immediately. Or, something more usual, are you looking for the last missing coin in front of a coffee machine? Do not hesitate to ask the pretty boy or girl standing nearby. You will see, that there is probably more to discuss than only how to return the small amount of money back.

When thinking about love, you should concentrate also on typical desires and preferences of each zodiac sign. Cancer is focused on home and generally on the household area, hence, to have clean carpets and linen, neatly made bed and a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, that is all highly recommended. It may help your love and avoid useless conflicts in the beginning of a romance.
Contrary Gemini, ruled by the air element, pays attention to the smell of individual things. Thus, the gate to genuine love in every relationship must be perfumed properly. You do not have to bath twice a day, but to maintain fresh appearance and use the perfume from Hugo Boss, Versace or Armani will help you to obtain favourable points.

Despite the fact that the love compatibility between Cancer and Gemini is not 100%, the true and deep love is not an exception for this couple. The advice in matters of love is: Let your reason sleep and be guided only by your heart! That is what we recommend.


What considers sex, Gemini man and Cancer woman are figuratively in the "heavy weight class". But the bodily pleasure is not only the daily refreshment, it is much more. Sex is rather the necessary second step in the spiritual path of one coming closer to the other.
Sexual compatibility of Gemini woman and Cancer man is high. In some sense, it follows the rules of physics. Every ball will bounce as high as its material elasticity allows and as it is equipped with the initial motion energy. Of course, compatibility in bed is very similar. Briefly, both zodiac signs tend to sexually attract each other to the extent precisely proportionate to their hormonal activity (the younger they are, the more active they are) and to their experience (who had no orgasm yet, may be only curious what it is like, but who had several hundreds of them, is clearly under its magic influence).

Gemini and Cancer Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


Earlier it was said, that who has the TV remote controller firmly in hand, the one rules the marriage. We are not so strict, particularly what concerns the marriage of Cancer and Gemini, because the couple subjects to various moods and different periods.

First of all, the marriage is a matter of taste. Men and women born under these zodiac signs are very flexible. Spending holiday in a tent in some Canadian national park may be equally enjoyable for them as living on the most luxurious deck of a cruiser for two months. In fact, the key factor is the genuine inner harmony of the whole relationship, not the outer conditions.

But the summary is, that you can usually expect the woman having the upper hand in marriage. The compatibility of Gemini and Cancer is sufficient and both can enjoy streams of positive energy stemming from the invisible traditional bond – similarly as plants are nurtured with the invisible rays of light, Cancer and Gemini are supported by the marriage itself.


Men and women born under Cancer and Gemini in different countries are strongly attracted to each other. If they do not speak the same language, dating may be even twice as funny. Nonetheless, important is the initial spark, not the distance or barriers between two people that are deeply in love.

Dating is some form of expansion of their talents. Cancer and Gemini both like the special kind of “trip” that dating offers. When a man and a woman dates each other, it is often an unusual journey into the secret corners, an expedition into the unknown land of the other.

Both zodiac signs are compatible in dating and they enjoy this social activity immensely.

Break up

The breakup is painful but sometimes inevitable procedure. If you have a knee injury, it is best to take few weeks in spa, rest and let your body regenerate. If you get through the painful breakup, it is best to free your memory similarly like cleaning the whiteboard with a sponge at the end of the day.

Both, Gemini and Cancer, perceive the breakup as the "end of war". The land is devastated, yet, from the “economical” perspective, it is the ideal time – the curve of an imaginary chart of happiness starts right now in the lowest point and will grow into the future.
The advice is: try to forget how troubling and pointless were last weeks or months and concentrate on each new coming day. You will soon enter in the subsequent happy period. That is clear and expectable, analogous to the periodical downfall of stock markets that are always recovering after the crisis. 


Gemini and Cancer are very compatible in friendship. The relationship may resemble a kind of "can" that lasts nearly forever (my grandmother told me that she has eaten a spare can from the WWII only few years ago!) Similarly, the potential of both zodiac signs is in some way "conserved" in the lasting relationship.

Cancer is often the more stable, conservative and supportive part of the couple and, on the other hand, Gemini is the more inventive and bold counterpart.

If you want to eat cabbage, you do not need to dissect it and explore its anatomy. Cabbage is simple, healthy and easy to cook. Both, Gemini and Cancer, like such simple recipes – not only when cooking but everywhere in life where straightforward and effective plans work. That is why they understand each other well, and why they are often good friends.

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