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The love of Gemini and Aries is usually very seductive. Both are highly compatible in love. Frankly, the man and the woman do not act rationally. Their love resembles the stand ticket for a rock concert, rather than the comfortable seat in Royal Albert Hall. Both zodiac signs are pushed by the “crowd” to each other (the crowd is only a metaphor for their deep instincts which are out of the conscious control). The love of the Gemini woman and the Aries man is similar to the chase of two rabbits on a field. It is a quick and intensive game full of twists. While the love of the Gemini man and the Aries woman is close to a long deer hunt, where one need a lot of stamina and patience till the target can be hit by the Cupid’s arrow.


When men and women born under Gemini and Aries meet each other in bed, their boss can count with the whole week of absence in work. Just joking, of course, but sex is something very natural for people with elements of fire (Aries) and air (Gemini). Sex in this particular case is like a spark, that can fire up the explosive gas of love which is omnipresent in the relationship of those two zodiac signs. The tender care on one hand and the torn dress on the other (a bit of forceduring the seduction sometimes helps as a spice by cooking the lunch). That is the result of wild passion accompanied by the steady stream of sympathies, which meet in sex as two arms of the river at the confluence – that makes the sexual compatibility strong enough.

Gemini and Aries Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


You should keep in mind, that the marriage of Gemini and Aries is based only on the partial compatibility match. The marriage of Aries and Gemini is like the diving. You need to have the reliable equipment and the proper knowledge of the rules prevailing in the glamorous underwater world. Only than can the man and the woman reach the pearls and other treasures hidden on the ocean ground. Enjoying the marriage needs to go hand in hand with adopting new responsible strategy. The Aries has to dim the fire and the Gemini has to moderate the blowing wind, their core elements. The consensus is crucial for the happy marriage.


The dating compatibility of men and women born under Aries and Gemini is strong. An allegory: the flower is attractive but always has its roots which maintain the same position (the Day of the Triffids from John Wyndham is, fortunately, only a science fiction novel about carnivorous plants capable of motion and communication). The flower is stable and it represents the Aries. The Gemini is volatile instead and it can be seen as the changing weather around. The dating of those men and woman is close to the life on a meadow or in a garden. The rain and thunder is the inherent part of the story as well as the sunny sky and the lark’s voice. Both zodiac signs are compatible but deeply emotional. The dating can be often sweet like the autumnal cherries, although it leaves noticeable but invisible stains behind (on your soul).

Break up

There is an invisible thorn (different opinions, values, wishes ...), which jabs the man and woman instantly. Aries and Gemini have to get used to its pain, or the breakup is only a matter of time.

The relationship of the Gemini and the Aries usually come across many crossroads during the long term relationship or during the marriage. And these crossroads are profoundly testing the limits of the compatibility match between Gemini and Aries. Often they disagree and turn left and right at the same time, they break up and say good bye to each other. That is the reality. And it is necessary to admit, that they both can find even new and better compatibility matches with other zodiac signs.


The Aries is often a true friend of the Gemini. Both zodiac signs are very compatible in friendship. They do not keep an eye on the wristwatch when they are together, because they perceive the time differently than others do. Gemini and Aries enjoy the every immediate moment as the unique “flash” of the reality. Aries, nor Gemini, will estimate the maximal economical benefit of being together. The friendship of these zodiac signs is not about what they could achieve in terms of the material wealth, but more about how much fun and experience they are able to share and produce together.

To be friends for those zodiac signs is like to skipping the rope. Men and women born under Gemini and Aries do not want to break records and move faster from one point to the other. They are keen on the mental “rhythmic exercise”, which is located on the same spot. For example those friends have no problem to sit on a bench in park for several hours and to “dismantle the whole universe” when talking about the luck and fortune of our ancestors.

Gemini and Aries as friends, of course, like to travel. But visiting of other countries is not a pursuit of the Instagram (photo) footage for them. Same experiences makes their compatibility stronger. Their friendship is not based on the hurry, but on the instantly blooming fantasy, which makes the life if both zodiac signs seemingly richer.

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