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Compatibility in Love and Friendship

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The love of Gemini and Aquarius is solid and precious as the genuine gold coin from the royal mint. The love of the man and the woman born under these zodiac signs is lasting as well as the gold coin would survive over the centuries either in your pocket or later in the museum showcase.

The element of Aquarius and Gemini is the air, something we instantly inhale and exhale. The love of the man and the woman is thus highly dependent on the same rhythm of the breath, and is worth to mention that the love compatibility is simply great! The love of Gemini and Aquarius has the best prerequisites to persist eternally, equally as a very old forest. Because the wood (emotions) is firm and the trees (prospects) are deep-rooted.


When you want to enjoy the gulp of coffee from your favourite mug, you do not need an approval – it is your essential right to get the refreshment and new exciting energy. Sexual compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius is similar. The man and the woman feel that overcoming the material (physical) barriers is very seductive and that they do not need to ask anyone for the permission to do that. Sex is simply eliminating the stress and bringing both closer together. The sexual compatibility of these zodiac signs is optimal.

Aquarius and Gemini love the adventure, the stimulation and the crazy impulses that are related to sex. It is like to light up the cigarette with a 100 $ note. It will lower your income, but the idea is thrilling and sexy!

Gemini and Aquarius Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius is simply excellent. The marriage is like an egg. You can boil it and eat it at once. And that would be all. But you can also carefully look after it and grow small chicken instead. It will give you other eggs during the following years and multiply your benefit. Or an other example explaining the value of the marriage of Gemini and Aquarius.

You can blast a bomb (let’s say enjoy a sexual adventure for one night) or dismantle it an utilise its energy usefully and slowly. It is the same principle and difference of making an atomic bomb (unbridled sex) or an atomic power plant (marriage), where the energy is adequately moderated.

The marriage of the Gemini woman and the Aquarius man – to ride a horse is usually better than to ride a donkey, to eat a muffin is usually more pleasing than to eat a whole grain roll and to propose the Gemini lady, if you are the Aquarius man, is more rational than to say her “good bye” after the first kiss.

The marriage of the Gemini man and the Aquarius woman – if you are looking for an adventure abroad, you can not avoid visiting the airport, where planes have a delay from time to time. But if you are the “right” man and the “right” woman, you will get over such (and of course over many others) difficulties very easily.


The dating compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius is usually disarming. Both zodiac signs share the common personality traits, and that works as a magnifying glass of the mutual affection. A magnified ant can look like as a giant monster and the usual friendship can easily obtain the proportions of the immense love.

The dating of men and women born under these zodiac signs is very balanced. It is not like the relation of the owner and the tenant, or the older subletting an apartment to the youth.

The dating of Gemini and Aquarius is also like to picking up the ripe tomatoes – red like the blush of love and fragile like everyone, who is deeply in love (you have to be cautious to avoid too much pressure on them to make a ketchup unintentionally).

Break up

Once you are on a cloud the only way is the way down (the laws of gravity are stern). In the case of the breakup of Gemini and Aquarius, the excellent compatibility is only an equation written on the paper. The breakup of these zodiac signs is like a real wrestling match.

Gemini and Aquarius often unleash an emotional volcano during the breakup. The hot streams of magma (hysteria, excitement and spontaneity) are pouring during such eruption. It would be nice, when the breakup would resemble a peaceful tea drinking in a Japanese garden, when the rain is light, sun is setting on the horizon, the crickets are chirping and a book of poetry is nearby. But frankly, this is not the case how the breakup of Aquarius and Gemini often looks like.


The friendship compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius is excellent. People who have the property on the same territory usually need the cadastral register, the police, the court and many other institutions to solve various issues. But not in the case of the Gemini – Aquarius friendship.

Men and women born under Aquarius and Gemini are natural friends, who do not need laws and their enforcement. They feel many situations simply equally and they have very similar views and opinions. The friendship of Gemini and Aquarius is like the difference between the Tamagotchi pet and the real kitten. Both are cute, but only one do not depend on batteries. The friendship can not be easily switched off. It is not a virtual amusement, but a very real commitment. The man and the woman born under these zodiac signs know that their mutual compatibility has an immense power. They both know what such friendship is actually worth.

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