May 21 - June 20


Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Key features: communication, eloquence, eagerness, readiness, change, friendship
Best match: Libra, Aquarius


Gemini have a brilliant sense of humor and diplomacy. They are responsive and receptive. The key element of people born under the sign of Gemini is the air and their planet is Mercury. The air suggests that they do not stand often with both feet on the ground. And if you imagine the god Mercury with his winged shoes, it will be immediately clear that instability and variability ... (more)


The characteristic way how Gemini men perceive the world is the tendency to gain the knowledge a priori, that means independently of practical experience. A practical experience is to embark on something, to enter on. However, Gemini men love their thoughts like painted on an easel or drawing board. Instead of the thorough planing they are only freely crossing over ... (more)


Her basic personality traits are the same as man’s. To examine things thoroughly often means to to remain in place, to settle and reduce the desire for open air and exuberance. A Gemini woman would like to make decisions by her intellect, but it is often beaten by the voice of the heart. A woman born under the sign of Gemini is objective, open and impartial ... (more)

Personality Description

Gemini often can not see the wood for the trees – they find so many things engaging, interesting and remarkable that they know something about everything, but nothing enough together. Their interests are so extensively branched that the profound approach to the subject is often not possible. You can describe his / her personality as distracted and talkative ... (more)

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